The house obsession

Well, I’ve finally gotten back to my blog site.  I feel like I’ve been away for months – and I have! 

Our current obsession has been a house move.  We brought a farmhouse into town and placed the house on a basement foundation. 

The process has been time consuming and somewhat costly. 

The product has been amazing!  We hope to have the basic renovations done by September.

We’ll see.

See you later!

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  1. I am so excited about your doing this project. Just think you are bringing about change and adding to Kindersley ! A lot of work and I am sure it will be profitable too.

  2. Hello Ron,
    I’ve been meaning to send word to you for some time, think often of you, and when our daughter suggested “the Bruce Peninsula” as a possible area for a summer holiday for our family (me, her, her father a.k.a. my husband) I thought of you as someone who might be able to recommend some place in that area. You’re the only person I know in those parts, and I recall your kindness offering us your small cottage on Dyers Bay way back after I billeted you at the storytelling conference.

    Any information or suggestions would be welcome.

    Congratulations on the farmhouse and its renovations!

    all the best,

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