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A friend mentioned that perhaps Twain’s summary of the Book of Mormon was much like a summary of Plato’s Republic.  At least that is what I took from his words.

Which is in some ways a justification of Socrates idea of precise definition of words and ideas.  Without the full quote (words written out) I’m unable to fully understand in my search for truth and beauty and happiness found in the writings of Twain.

I went looking for a summary of the Book of Mormon by Samuel Clemens – the real Mark Twain (now there is a sentence which needs further clarification – when is another name the real person, or is the pseudonym truly the person themselves?)

The summaries I came across were interesting – none of which glorified the Book of Mormon.  Knowing the writings of Mark Twain, I imagine there is a very well thought out, concise and stinging critique available. 

Just haven’t found it yet. 

I’d love to know if you know what I don’t know which would knowingly assist me in my search.

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  1. Did you check out ‘Roughing It’ [vol 1] chapter 16 – summary of the Book of Mormon…can be downloaded at (UoT copy is nice and clean p.110).

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