I’m looking out my office window as the sun rises.  Later each day, promising winter and then spring.  The colours are beautiful – fall is upon us and the leaves are changing.

I remember yesterday like it was today – oops, a senior’s thing of stringing all of life into one day!

I prayed for good weather when the weather channel was forecasting worse.  We were the hot spot in Saskatchewan.  I’m still trying to figure out if God is laughing at me because I really didn’t think much of that prayer.

I’ve gone completely off a drug I was taking.  I prayed for God’s healing.  I’m still not sure what has happened.  I’m not perfectly healed, but my body is responding is unexpected ways.  Maybe God thinks I’m a bit hilarious for tossing that prayer his way.

I pray in Jesus’ name.  Maybe the Son of God is beginning to rise a bit more in my life.  The colours are beautiful – resurrection is upon us and new life is here.