Today began at below freezing temperature. In fact, below, below freezing.

Now, in terms of cold, I’ve seen worse.

In fact, in our neck of the woods – or more rightly, our hand of the prairies – we have been blessed this year.

Most years, I have the plugin for the car our of the engine compartment before Christmas. Yesterday was the momentous date – the cord came out and the block heater was plugged in (for those of you from other than the northern climes – a block heater keeps your engine warm so the oil can flow and the sparks can fly when you start your car).

Two of us were shoveling walks yesterday. Our conversation was short as we greeted one another. At another time, and in a warmer clime, we will rehearse not only the weather (which is a good topic this time of year), but probably the state of crops, the welfare of children, the progress on renovations, the need for rain, the . . . But not today.

And so, I’m sitting inside, writing about the outside, enjoying fossil fuels and farmer food. How good is that!!

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