Just thinking about the rural church I am a part of – Kindersley Alliance Church in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, CANADA.

I was “born into” the church in 1953, my dad sold the farm in the mid 50s, I came back for four years as youth pastor (1976-1980), left for 25 years then back as Senior Pastor (2005-2015), and now I’m retired in this beautiful prairie town.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about rural churches at Ambrose University in Calgary – in the 3:30 – 4:30 time slot – admission is free.

One of the former pastor’s sons is expected to be there (Paul Warnock). Another of the former pastor’s sons lives just outside Calgary ( RobinRod House), another pastor’s son lives a bit north of Calgary (Bob Keith – son of Dennis Keith – who was himself an attender at Kindersley Alliance Church when he was a kid). There are others whose parents pastored the Kindersley Alliance Church (OK, there are a lot of “kids” out there).

And then some of those who have gone into vocational ministry – ones that I have been around over the years include (but not restricted to) – Laura Kornelson, Wayne Neumiller, Richard Reinhart, Mark Bergen, Mark Francisco and more. If you go back to the beginning of the church you find some Crockers, and Ruffs, and Grahams, and Thorntons and . . .

And then there are those that are active in their local churches – I won’t try to name them all. Some of them have been active over the years in the Kindersley Alliance church – others have moved into other places around the world.

BTW – I’m hoping to write a history on Kindersley Alliance Church in this next while – any anecdotes you can provide would be helpful.

Interesting what comes out of small town Saskatchewan.