Things I do for love!

I’m working on two sermons right now. 

Being retired, I get to do many things which I love – or am coming to love!

Such diverse things as renovations, cooking meals, washing clothes, organizing things (OK, that’s been just plain fun since I was in grade school), and write.  My sermons are just my way of writing what I’m thinking – except organized!

The first sermon stretches me – the topic is “What should I boast about?”.  From Jeremiah 9:23-24. 

Boast in knowing God and obeying God – not power, riches or wisdom.  The last one is the hard one – I’ve always liked the thought, now that my hair is gone up top, that I still have something else up there that is worth it (whatever “it” is)!

The other comes from the narrative of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego found in the Old Testament Book of Daniel.  When I read a story, I get all sorts of ideas.

Off the top, there are such topics as:  Names they kept, food they ate, loyalty they demonstrated, friends they chose, God who rescues, place for everyone.  Not a bad set of thoughts when you consider they were the oppressed/conquered ones.

Any other thoughts – feel free to comment!

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