The Internet is a dark place

I was an early adopter of the internet – back when it wasn’t even called the internet.  Staying abreast of all that is happening . . . that’s another question.  I am not a Luddite (check that out on Google).  I am also not a naive fan.

As with any new technology, there is the good and the bad.

Most often we want to hear the bad first.

Like, being charged three times on a credit card for what should have been one transaction.  For all the fixes that you can get from customer service and other service providers, the hacker is more than likely still loose.

Or, the blog posting software is being hacked across a number of platforms – yours is potentially one.  So, a fix for the many interrupts the programming you had in place.  Now you have to reprogram – after a bit of frustration trying to figure out the problem.

Or, the foreign gift offerings of millions of dollars if you will only give them access to your bank account.

Or, searching for an item on-line, and finding when you turn to your facebook account, an advertizement appears which would fulfil your previous search.

The good news?

While I struggle to discern when fake news arises, I now use Google to solve many immediate problems, or YouTube to give me directions.  I can quickly contact someone.  I can even send pictures of a recent event to interested parties.

What God has created, we get to manage and have dominion over. 

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