“Even those with expectant hope and without a great deal of fear or guilt . . .”

That’s a statement I have put to myself these last few months.  As I have researched and written about the local church I attend (Kindersley Alliance Church – KAC), I have realized this is also my life story.  Quite literally for the years of my pastoring KAC.  Figuratively, in the way all good stories reflect truth to the reader.

I believe that this church has great hope for the future and a few skeletons from the past.

Dry bones rattle. 

When they do we either close the coffin unceremoniously – and put a few more nails in the lid.  OR, we examine the body – not to bring it back to life – but to see how a revival of life for the living can be found in the bones of the dead.

More on that story in weeks to come!