I can’t say I’m original in this.  But I am determined.

As I  began this year, I was seeking to know God more.  Jeremiah 9:24, in the Hebrew Scriptures, states that the best boasting we can do, and boasting we should do, is to boast that we know God.  That goes into considerations of his love, justice and righteousness. 

Best way to know God – talk to God.  Listen for God.  Act on God initiatives.

So, three times a day, I’m trying to connect:  morning, noon, night.

I figured using some already learned “prayers” would be good.  Start the morning with the popular song of the 70’s – To see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly (prefaced by “In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus”).  At noon is the Lord’s prayer – which we learned in Grade School.  The evening is the Apostle’s Creed – used when I was touring with a singing group in 1973/74.

That has made the prayers easier to remember.  Perhaps part way through the year, I’ll replace a prayer with another.  It’s not about what prayer – but that my prayers direct me to know God.

Looking forward to this!