I couldn’t leave it alone! 

“It” being a thread on Facebook related to a “conspiracy theory” website’s – and the latest output therefrom (new word, I think). 

I guess I’m just getting to a point where relative truth, whether from conspiracy sites, MSM (Mainstream Media) or from lobbying/partisan groups is beginning to wear on me.  Here was my response.

I’m finding that Facebook is doing the work to find hoaxes and fake news – they have been pushed in this direction, and rightly so. You will see related articles that contradict this article underneath these comments (at least on my computer).

Factcheckers have become the apologists for our world’s ideals. While I agree that refuting science requires better science (the basis of much of the factchecking being done), I still go back to the question of "What is truth?".

Siloed truth and social media echo chambers can miss the greater objective truth that our world is in need of. OK, a bit too philosophical – but that is where my head is at these days!