Three people – one week.

From January 20 – 23, 2020 three of my acquaintances died.

Now, I’ve had that discussion of how we should characterize death – “Don’t say died!”  Some say just say “passed on” – on to what?  A curious type would take that as an opportunity to ask more questions.  Which the mourners may not be ready to answer.  Some say just say “deceased” – as though in the ceasing there is nothing else.  Suits a contemporary society that dies at death.  Much like the saying that someone “expired.”

As to the celebrations of life.  One was in a Legion Hall – where the friends were familiar with the surroundings.  Another was on a native reserve where her children felt at home.  The other is at the church building were he attended and felt at home.

There’s something about home that is relevant to remembering loved ones. 

There’s something about how we talk about death that is relevant to hope for loved ones.