What fun to have three young kids running around upstairs.

Our house is a very fine house – if I say so myself.  The floors are all hardwood, sanded and finished in this past year.  The basement is ICF – a nice way of saying it is well insulated and the ceilings are 9’ high.

But most fun?

IMG-6113Under the eaves upstairs we have built a very enjoyable runway that goes from one side of the house to the other.  Starts beside the bathroom, runs over the stairs and ends up in a closet in the large upstairs bedroom.  The “door” to the closet is a bookshelf that gets moved when you want to get in and out.  The whole passageway is drywalled and painted.

For kids, this is a marvel.  They go through and back.  Then back again.  Parents can’t follow – it’s their size and no bigger!

We opened the large bedroom up as a play room.  Space to do puzzles, play games and strew toys all over the floor.  And then we timed doing a 100 piece puzzle – seven minutes.  Not bad!

I’m guessing they will be back again, dragging their parents with them!!!