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Sarah who?

Friday, August 29th, 2008

I guess that’s the point.  Governor of Alaska for two years?  Unknown amongst most political insiders.  Might just help out the Republicans in the USA!

Not that I’m much of a political pundit!  I forecasted the Canadian election for October 6, 2008.  The senior political people are saying October 14th.  Let’s wait and see — but I have this funny feeling!

The thrill of anticipation

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Maybe it was the impromptu concert!  Or maybe the realization the concert is just around the corner.

Today I started a bit of a phoning thread.  First one person.  Then the next person called arose from serendipity thought related to the first person.  And finally the afternoon ended with some unusual contacts having been made.

All good!

The concert is next Saturday, September 6, 2008 at 7:00 pm at the Kindersley Alliance Church.  Rick Lett, with Michael and Andrea Lett, doing Jazz and Gospel. 

If you are around the area, drop in.  You’ll love it!!

From Sports to Political Olympics

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

One of the things that cable provides is a variety of international stations.  During the Olympics we were able to watch US Olympians with close up views.  The Canadian station brought us the Canuck perspective.

Well, now we are into a new Olympics.  And guess what!!  Both nations are watching the Olympics of the Presidential race in America.  In Canada we get partially live feeds of the DNC (Democratic National Convention).  The US stations give us full live feeds.

The Next Olympics are on.

And here in Canada, we’re left in the dust.  Even a possible national election at this point seems to be overshadowed.  Would we rather watch Obama and McCain, or Harper and Dion?  In fact, the Canadian contestants don’t even seem to have a ring to them!

My guess for our election date?  October 6, 2008.  I’m just picking that out of the hat — perhaps November would be a much better pick.  How about somewhere around the same day I hear another country is thinking of polling their people?

Back Home

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Well, the day in Prince Albert went very quickly.  From an informal jazz concert in the basement of Rick Lett’s to a three hour tour and discussion of renovations at the New Life Indian Alliance Fellowship church, to a steak supper at our daughter’s with a DQ chaser! (Sorry to those we missed seeing!!)

This morning we awoke to threatening skies in Prince Albert.  As the day progressed and we moved farther away, we heard the storms settled in.  I trust all are well in that area of the country!  Our way home included two hospital visits and 3 1/2 hours of driving.

Glad to be home.  May the rest of this evening be refreshing and rejuvenating!

Off to Prince Albert

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

For the past few months, we as a church have been contemplating working with a native church in Prince Albert doing some renovations. Tomorrow I will head up to Prince Albert. Harvey Penner will accompany me.

Harvey knows renovations. He is retired (whatever that means!) and was able to take the time off. His expertise will be very helpful.

Jill will come along and we will stay overnight at my daughter’s place. An added bonus!!

Then Tuesday we will head back. A few stops on the way (hospital visits, photocopier repair updates, concert preparations, and whatever else comes our way).

Not quite a holiday, but at least a change in pace. Should be good!!

Days like these

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

I awoke to an adventure today. 

The church’s old map came down a few days ago.  Amazing — the USSR was still around in 1990, when that map was copyrighted.  Now, the new map shows many different country states.  Georgia is right there in brown.  And many other countries whose names I do not know.  Used to be that naming the countries of the world was relatively easy.  Now there are many more countries, although the dirt is still the same!

So, today we installed a new map.  I had picked up the adhesive in Saskatoon — not enough around here.  But way too much for the job.  I came home with 3/4 of the paste still in the container.

The map looks great.

So, we (Jenn, Matt and I) had coffee.  Then at noon we departed to our own separate ways.


Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Today we stepped into a laser printer store.  They are not really retail.  Somewhat wholesale.  All business.  Sales oriented with service personnel.

We were directed to a sales representative — Dale. 

Dale is 6′ 4″ – or so we would guess.  He began his pitch but was not ready to sell us anything off the floor.  No price on the used printers, but lots of information.  And much more data on new printers which could be made available right away.

He was knowledgeable, friendly, opinionated and talkative.

About 3/4 of the way through the presentation Dale left to get some further information.  Both my wife and I turned to each other.  We remarked, almost in one breath, that he was just like our son.  Tall, talkative, opinionated and knowledgeable.  Even his gestures and catch phrases were the same.

And so, our thoughts of who Dale was carried baggage.  We formed an opinion much more quickly than we should have — both for good and bad! 

Then we heard that Dale had farmed for 13 years.  Our son never farmed.  Other hints let us know that these were two different people.

And yet . . . somehow the perceptions stick.  And we wonder why we have trouble accepting other people for who they are!!

Changing the world

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

OK, so it’s not the Olympics or Mother Theresa!  But yesterday Cole, Brett and I tore down the world.  Or at least the world map.  This one was out of date.  Our hope is to put up a new map tomorrow.

changing the world - cole brett aug 2008

Five days

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

I missed having my wife next to me for the last five days.  Much of our life is spent together.  We eat, scheme, think, work on the yard, renovate, visit, and generally see life through each other’s eyes.  We are bonded together in many ways.

While Jill has been in Rosetown for the last few days, I’ve missed her.  When she arrived home and we sat down — there was a constant conversation for 45 minutes.  Then tiredness began to catch up to both of us.

So, good night all and may Thursday hold much enjoyment and peace for each of you.

Sitting with the dying

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

This morning I ventured out.  The purpose was to sit with a friend who has cancer.

Although there is pain, there is also peace.  In the past few years “salvation” has become a real and daily part of life.  So as we talked, hope arose and life was good, even though pain was present and death is just around a corner we can almost see.

What can  be said?  We talked of funerals, of family and of life.  Some things were difficult, others just daily chatter.  And as I left I blessed her, as she had blessed me.