Kinderlsey Alliance Church

Just thinking about the rural church I am a part of – Kindersley Alliance Church in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, CANADA. I was “born into” the church in 1953, my dad sold the farm in the mid 50s, I came back for four years as youth pastor (1976-1980), left for 25 years then back as Senior Pastor […]

Why bother?

I read a weekly email posting called “The Galli Report”. Mark Galli works with a publication called Christianity Today – begun by Billy Graham. This past week, I have been considering things such as pluralism, apologetics, identity politics, inclusivism, rural church, and much more. Then, as I was reading, here is this short paragraph from […]

Identity, Common Good, and living today

Our world today is all about self-identifying. And we fight tirelessly for that identity. Thus, the new(er) term called “identity politics”. Communities fight for their approach to life, affirming those who agree and excoriating those who don’t. Individuals may fight to do whatever they want, feeling offended if someone disagrees with them. In the extreme, […]

The shade of death cannot overcome the light of life

Humans desire more than small pleasures in the routines of life. We seek great challenges in the face of death. It is not the desire to be heros that holds us back from expansive life. Rather, that we claim to be the creator’s of our our own heroic status, instead of embracing the true creator, […]

Toxic Masculinity

There have been a number of assaults on men’s masculinity lately. Or, perhaps, more rightly, we are trying to figure out what masculinity means. Which drives a number of questions about gender. Our society has now determined that your sex (that which distinguishes you anatomically from birth) is different than your gender (that which is […]