Concluding from the News

I’m becoming more aware each day that current news reporting is disseminated with a bias. My son dropped mainstream news when he was in his teens. In my teens I was told that newspapers were prejudiced towards a particular perspective. Still, I stood with some naivete in the hope that credibility would win out. I […]

Mindfulness – Meditation, Concentration and Focus

I mentioned mindfulness meditation to someone the other day. They have greatly benefited from the movement towards disrupting their lives from distractions. Now, I go back a ways – to the days when Christians were disturbed by Transcendental Meditation. The idea that was most disruptive was that you could look within yourself – abandon yourself […]


I’m looking out my office window as the sun rises.  Later each day, promising winter and then spring.  The colours are beautiful – fall is upon us and the leaves are changing. I remember yesterday like it was today – oops, a senior’s thing of stringing all of life into one day! I prayed for […]

Plato’s Republic– What is truth?

I’m in the midst of reading Plato’s Republic.  My wife had a copy hanging around and since I had never read the original – although I have read summaries – I thought is was time to digest Socrates’ thoughts as given through Plato. My first impression was that words and precise meanings are essential for […]

On homelessness, hopelessness, and the culture we live in

I’ve had opportunity this past while to hone in on homelessness.  My definition has needed sharpening.  I once asked what we could do for homeless people.  The reply was – “Put them in a home.”  Simple but true.  Then there would be no homelessness! . . . Not so simple! The homeless find shelter on […]