The JIM Project

A few weeks ago I asked a number of people to join me.

Not for the fun of it  —  not for fame — not even for fortune!

When I was around 16, I started to memorize a book .  Thankfully it was not a John Grisham novel of multiple pages and varied twists and turns.  This book was 4 chapters and one main theme.  “Jesus in Me” (JIM).  Someone has already guessed the biblical book of Philippians.

35 years later I’m still trying to digest what I was memorizing.  I decided to see if others were in the same boat.  Until the end of December I asked them to row along with me.  Asking themselves what it meant to have “Jesus In Me”.

Every minute of every day.  I’ve wonder how that looks when they are eating cheesecake.  Or while they are weeding the garden, grumbling “Is this Jesus in me?”

I’m trying to watch less TV (although my wife can attest that I struggle with this area – my thorn in the flesh, or is that prickle in the eye!).  I’m trying to balance people interactions with an eye to being a servant more than needing my own space.  And daily I’m finding new approaches.

For the last few weeks I have handed out a weekly reminder.  This week I’ll start sending out weekly emails.  Would you like to join me?  If so, leave a comment or contact me.

Long Weekends

As a pastor, sometimes I forget about long weekends.

Particularly this time of year.  Your head is geared to fall program startups.  Your heart is with those who have returned from a summer away.  And your spirit is refreshed (well, usually).

So I almost missed this coming weekend. 

My wife has had to remind me – more than once – that we are headed up to see our daughter in Waskesiu.  So Sunday after church we pop into the car (with $1.19 per liter gas in the tank) and venture out.  We hope to be back Monday evening. 

Short, but we expect to have a good time.  Our daughter is pregnant and this is the first time we will see her in a few months.  My sister visited her last week and said she is looking “pretty”.   I’ve always believed that, but at seven months pregnant I seldom hear that term used!  Looking forward to seeing her.

When networks reach the world

Yesterday I met with a few but visited hundreds.

The first contact was a home town boy.  He was in town on a courtesy call – part of his job.  On the way to Luseland, just an hour up the road.  We began to talk of connections he had in Kindersley.  The high school class that had reunions and cruise ship trips.  The church friends from years ago.  Gone in 1966 he has never really left.

The second contact brought a story of a relationship from our recent past.  A network of people rearranged by infidelity.  He came to talk because of my intersection over the past few years with some of these people.  He was new to the network – placed there in part because of his job.

The third contact was a family.  About to leave town.  Here for supper.  In the morning, a rental moving truck had been brought from Saskatoon.  Now, we provided a meal on their last night here.  Friends would meet with them tomorrow to load.  And new friends would become a part of their lives in a new part of the world tomorrow.

Someone has said that when you know six people in an extended network, you know the world.  I guess I’m halfway there! 

Where's that old stuff?

I have an academic degree (or two or three)!

One of them is in Library Science and Archives.  So when I look at the side bar of this blog, I’m always interested by the word archives.  If you press the August 2005 archive line, you will see the blog writings from August.

So, where’s that old stuff?  Stuffed away somewhere in the bowels of a computer, just waiting for you to press that little old line.

Come on down!

         Yesterday’s entry got me thinking!

I guess all is not leaving Saskatchewan (although I watched some dust headed to Manitoba today!).

So, “come on down!”

We have a Tim Horton’s on the way.  Expected by October.  So, if you’re going to be in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, email me (use the contact me section of the blog).  I’d love to have a “coffee” (I don’t drink coffee, but don’t mind hot chocolate!). 

But not before October.  Or we’ll be sitting with construction workers drinking hot chocolate from a thermos.

Going my way?

     Only in Saskatchewan, you say!!

Where else could you imagine moving a 1,200 square foot home down the main drag! 

Imagine heading down Yonge Street in Toronto, or down Robson street in Vancouver.  Not going to happen!!

The power company sends out workers to lift lines – even disconnect and reconnect lines. 

Traffic cannot pass on the two lane highway.  The “oversize load” sign is a bit underwhelming – if you didn’t notice the house, you’d never see the sign!

And as the house leaves town I say to myself, “We know there has been an exodus of people from Saskatchewan.  Now they’re even taking their houses with them!”


On dancing

This past week I spent time with my family at my brother’s funeral. One of the things that my brother did was to take ballroom dancing lessons. For him it was a release into his nature – the athlete, runner, musician all combined in one. Those who attended his celebration of life attested to how he could flow across the floor, a dancing partner of consummate ability.

I’ve thought on that this past week. As a family, we were brought up not to dance. For one very simple reason – contemporary dance was about seduction!

Why did my brother dance? I think for him the answer was simple. This was an opportunity to be with a partner, to step together, to know each other’s movement by the slightest nod of the head or inclination of the body. The dance was the thing, not a chance to get a trophy for being the best dancer, or to seduce someone, or even to be seen as the best dancer on the floor. This was about the joy of partnership, the enjoyment of a relationship.

A Mouse in the House

Now I know why people stand on chairs.  Mice are not nice!

At least that’s how I see it.

I came home from a meeting to find my wife madly phoning for help.  From the corner of her eye she had seen a mouse scurry across the floor.  She was in bare feet so up on a chair she went.

The mouse was there when I entered, hidden in our piano.  And later under the dishwasher.  And now??

We set a trap, but this morning there was no dead carcass.  Last night I skirted around the trap.  I thought to myself – “this is ridiculous”.  Arising in my mind were all those fear emotions of hanta virus, rabies, punctured skin and who knows what else.  Three inches long (8 centimeters) at first sighting and now the monster has grown to well over 3 meters (10 feet) in length.

Now I know why people stand on chairs.  Mice are not nice!

Here it is Saturday

Here it is a day later than yesterday and I feel like tomorrow is
already on me. I’ve been to my brother’s funeral, seen my parents in
need of a new place to live (and realizing it may be next to me), and
I’m just finishing off my sermon for Sunday. In the midst of all this,
I’m excited to be here in Kindersley to see what God sets up for me!