Monthly Archives: November 2010

Flux and solder

When I was young, my father taught me about flux that you use when you solder electrical connections.  The flux we used was designed to melt quickly, cleanse grease and impurities, and help the solder adhere.

I’m a bit perverse, but I loved the smell of the flux melting!  I also like the smell of burnt toast.  And things that go pop in the night!

Back to the flux and solder.  One without the other ends up being useless.  The solder will gather into small globules and sit all by itself.  The flux by itself will stream into all sorts of nooks and crannies with no use to anyone.

Put them together and you end with a great opportunity for a solid connection. 

So, perhaps you are wondering whether you fit in the grand scheme of things.  YES!  You are meant to be a part of others lives.  You are meant to get a little heated every once in awhile.  You are meant to help bring together what is often held apart.

Thanks for being flux and solder.

In the midst of life

I’ve always been intrigued with what happens when life goes on ahead.  We expect our own grand vision and we find in the small things that the true picture emerges.

Some are calling this convergence.  The daily routines converge to form a quilt of inspiration.

So with today.  Two young ladies from our congregation have been working with us in various ministries.  Chance conversations confirmed their very real commitments to our church.  Both love God and love people.   Both talked in these last few days of ways in which they can continue to contribute to the life of the body of Christ.

And so, one will direct an enormous undertaking, another will share with me speaking time.  I wandered away amazed at the gifts that God gives to his church.  When the unexpected happens I just sit back and marvel, in the midst of life.

The vacuum

The lawn was populated with leaves.  Beautiful colored leaves.  Seasoned by the weather.  Ready to be picked up.

This morning was the morning.  Out in below zero weather to check out gutters.  Nothing clogs up the easy flow of water like a few leaves stuck in the eavestrough.  thankfully recent wind made that task easy.

Then the potted plants were removed to winter in the backyard.  Back alley leaves were raked.  Trees trimmed just slightly.

And then the task of the day.  We have a good sized lot.  Raking takes forever.  OK, not quite forever, but my watch seems to tick away the time every time I’m out there.

So, the lawn mower was put into service.  And superb service it was.  Within a 1/2 hour the lot was cleaned and bagged.  A few minutes drive to the compost area of our town and the yard work was done.  By noon!

That’s what I call a good day’s work!

Star light, star bright

I’m seeing things anew.  Although that means a different prescription for reading glasses, it also means seeing the stars better.  The farther away, the clearer they seem.

So, stepping from my car the past few nights I’ve looked to the sky.  And I’ve been reminded that I could not make this sky.

This is the same feeling I had when I was around 8 or 9.  I’d check out the world around me.  I knew there had to be a God.  Up there, and close to me.

I’ve since learned the theological terms, but in my heart I still identify God in simple kid’s terms.  He’s here and He’s there.

Simple as that.

It starts with a funeral

There are some things you just can’t plan for.  You can surmise, and even project – but death is often unplanned.

So with Doreen Whitfield.  Although she had a stroke a few short months ago, no timeline could be given for her demise.  Thankfully it was quicker than prolonged.  On Tuesday morning she passed away.  Today we were rejoicing that she has a better home as we planned the funeral service.

Meanwhile, other activities will await completion as I complete preparation for her funeral.  This will be an enjoyable meeting, with much joy and mirth. 

Check it out – Friday at 2:00 at the Kindersley Alliance Church.

The day of a new creation

A new musical piece was first premiered for our lieutenant governor today (Monday).  Although we had heard this composition in partial form, the full woodwind quintet played at a special luncheon.

Vanessa is a young composer we have encouraged over the years.  She is focused on her music and does an amazing job. 

And so, before a crowd of people, her musical imagination shone forth.  We are so glad to have been able to be there and to continue to support her musical growth.

By the way – the quintet did a great job of presenting the piece of creativity focused on harvest time.