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Thursday, March 10th, 2011

A few posts ago I mentioned I have floaters in my eyes.  I guess they are just something you learn to live with.  Gives me a new perspective on the world around me, that’s for sure!

I’m also finding that my time has floaters as well.  Those are days when the usual schedule is somehow redistributed.  Not maliciously, not intentionally, but it just happens.

Today was one of those days.  This is my usual day off.  But three external events, beyond my control, all fall on this day.  So, I’m floating with my time off to other days this week.  Never the preferred way, but every so often you have what I call a “grad gown day.” 

In a former job I served as a registrar.  When graduation week came, the squeeze of life became intense.  I enjoyed having my kids show up, but they would end up trailing behind my flowing grad gown.  Dad would stop and talk with them, but there was always the next thing.  So, they learned at that time of year that they were welcome but they would have to run with me.

Now that I’ve had knee surgery I can’t quite run as fast (a sign of old age), but I still have those days where many things converge to just make it busy.  And so for today, I’m about to eat supper, then shortly after I will head to the next event.  Since this morning I have also been headed to the next event. 

And when I return home later tonight I’ll rest a bit and head to bed.

Just one of those floater days!

A short thought

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

I wish I could just lay out all that has happened today.  Confidentiality places certain parameters on that. 

God sometimes hears a lot of things that others don’t!

For that I am thankful. 

One more reason to believe in a very personal God!

Struck by (a) cold

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Well, the cold and winter seems to just drag on, and on, and on . . . I guess that’s why they call the syndrome of winter – SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  You notice it as soon as you see rays of sunshine poke through the sky.  There is an almost audible uplift.

At the same time you can be struck by a cold in the middle of winter (or what should almost be the end of winter)!  And such is my case right now.  I cough into my sleeve and then breathe heavily through an almost plugged nose.  No fun – and tends to be part of the SAD thing as well.

So, tomorrow morning I’ll take time off and try and do some recuperating.  Somehow God has made our bodies to push only so far, and then we need to slow down. 

Good night all and may your rest lead to restoration!

Frizzed hair and polyester suits

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

I was struck.  As though by a time traveling freight train.

As I sat through a funeral service today, a slide show hit me.  Bob Hales was just 60 when he died recently.  The slide show featured his children as part of the memories.  I looked and saw myself – almost!  Although I never frizzed my hair, I lived through that era.  And polyester suits?  Oh yeah!

One must ask one’s self – “Too soon gone, too late smart?”  If there is one theme playing in this life, it is that there is another life to come.  Any day now, we’ll be going home.  Jesus was quite clear he was going to prepare a place – a home away from this home.

So I was asking myself – “What should I be doing right now?”  For much of the day – the brushing of the teeth, the eating of food, the conversation with friends – these are right and good.  But . . . some portions of the day beg the question – literally.  “What should I be doing right now?”

Posed but not so quickly answered!

Adjusting your sight

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Today included a visit to the optometrist.  For us, that is an hour’s drive to Oyen, Alberta.  Usually a 1-2 hour check-up and then back home.

I had been experiencing what is called “floaters.”  Little things that seem to appear in the eye but have nothing to do with the external realities.  Mine were just hairline type of apparitions.  I guess if there are bright flashes, or falling black globs or other aberrations, that can be dangerous.

In this case, the inside of the eye appears to be fine.  I’m in good shape.  But just in case, I will need to do some further checking on things like cholesterol. 

Unfortunately, it sounds like these floaters can be common.  I imagine this is just another part of growing older!  So, suck it up and learn to live with it!  One step, or is that one eye, at a time! 

So you can see?

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

I have been wearing eye glasses since I was around 10 years old.  I push them up on my face even when I’m not wearing them!

So, it was with little surprise that I learned today that I have a license restriction that requires me to wear glasses.  I think I remember that from when I first got my license.  But for the last decade or so, hasn’t even crossed my mind.

With cataract surgery I know have no need of glasses for driving.  But I have gotten glasses that have the “reading lens” in them.  A little easier than having a pair of reading glasses for every place I sit, eat or view close up objects.

I enquired what would be required to remove the restriction.  Not that I would be doing with out glasses often – but just in case.

The answer is simple.  Visit your optometrist and get a letter of permission.  Well, here I am planning a visit to my optometrist on Thursday! 

Amazing how coincidence seems more like a divine plan sometimes!