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Adding more songs

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

In May we recorded three songs.  Two months later we added another three.

Not full recordings, just scratch tracks. 

For those who read this blog regularly you will remember Wayne Gibson.  Last fall we released a full CD of original songs he had written.  Now we have an EP CD that would be nice to have ready to go in a few months.

But, time is often as much an enemy as it is a healer.  We are ready to work on a new release, but our schedules are a little “helter-skelter”.  Wayne is headed to Scotland in September.  I’m working on September plans to kick off the fall.

I listened to the songs.  Two are worship songs we have used in our church services.  One on the holiness of God and another on His greatness.  Other of the songs talk of a new day and heaven.  The theme of God pervades.

Maybe that’s why I like them.  Not just for the melody, but also for the subject.  Last night the words attached themselves to me.  Accompanied by haunting melodies, I’m still being pursued by these compositions even as I write this blog entry. 

Perhaps theses songs will catch you one of these days.  I hope so . . . but first we’ve got a bit more work to do.

Venturing to the City of Bridges

Monday, July 14th, 2008

The fact that Saskatoon has a number of bridges means summer fun.  You can walk along the river, fish from a bridge, and even watch fireworks exploded from a bridge.

Bridges also mean repair — summer repair!  Today as we approached one bridge on the way to a funeral, the line-up was atrocious.  We decided to head to another bridge which funneled into the uptown of downtown.  A few lights turned our way, more their way. 

In the end we walked into the funeral chapel area just before the family.  Actually that was not a bad thing — we sat immediately and were right into the proceedings! 

The funeral for Herman Ruff was a good funeral.  Herman had over 70 years of faithful Christian service — attested to be all those present.  One of those was my father who had know Herman for most of his almost 90 years.  Those are good funerals!

And now, at home, I reflect on a life well lived.  And ask God that I might live well my life to bring credit to God, just as Herman did! 

A walk around the block

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

It’s been a few weeks.  I’ve been away, wind has been blowing and time has been flying by.

So, the nightly walks have been abandoned.

But tonight we determined to walk.  Around a few blocks.  Up and down the streets.

It’s not that the walk is what I go for!  Yes, I know they are good for my continued recovery from knee surgery.  And, yes, they restore the lung capacity and circulate the blood.  My body knows its good.

But its good for the soul.  I talk to my wife.  We hear each other out and plan ahead, and remember what others are doing, and think about what we can do.  And God seems to walk with us.  Quietly, in the background.  In his creation just being there. 

That’s life in the fast lane  of the slow walk around the block.

Summer is here

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Now, I suppose I’ve been waking up earlier as the sun arises to touch the earth in the early morn. But the real sign of summer is the heat. Sustained heat.

Saturday the baptisms were refreshing. As I stepped from the pool I actually missed the refreshing cool of the water. I felt as though I could easily tan in the sun’s rays.

And today, I sat outside. Not even in the direct sunlight. For an hour and a half. Reading. And feeling heat. And inheriting a heat headache!

A friend of mine worked yesterday doing eavestroughing. His body experienced the heat. As though it were a stroke. Nothing nice – just pain.

Winter does look good some days. Six months from now I’ll say the opposite. And when those middle of the season days arrive, I will not like to be neither hot nor cold!

Oh, the fickleness of the human! We so easily miss being content for the pleasure of complaining. Why, I can even complain about complaining!!

A little water?

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

That’s all that it takes!  We have cancelled a ballgame scheduled for tomorrow night. Now, I have to admit a little water is actually around 2 inches in the last few days. I believe we have had rain every day for the last few weeks. For the dry prairies this is more than enough water.

And for those who play ball in prairie gumbo — any more than a covering of water can create problems. Last year we played ball and our shoes were weighted with gumbo. I could hardly life my feet, and you had to scrape the mud from the bottom of your shoes.

So, better part of wisdom. Cancel the game and put together a pickup game sometime in the summer!!

I work best in the morning?

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

I was off to the office at 6:15 this morning. Now, in the winter, that’s early. Especially when the sun won’t rise for another three or four hours. But in the summer, the sun has already been up and it’s rays have graced the trees of our backyard (OK, not today which was cloudy and rainy — just felt like being poetic!).

From 6:15 through 12:15 I covered administration, counselled, and tried to get to writing my Sunday sermon. By noon I felt I had accomplished something.

My only regret? By 9:00 at night I feel like the day is well done (as am I!). As I write this, I’m definitely winding down. And I’d still like to do some reading, write a sermon, and go for a walk. But . . .

Soda bisquits

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Tonight I had a hankering for soda bisquits. Now, hankering is one things. Actually doing something about it is another.

My wife decided she could make this delicacy. So, she started and within 20 minutes they were on the plate, warm and delicious. I probably ate one or two more than necessary. The heavenly taste seemed to just spur me on. Along with corn syrup and mango jam, there are not many other food stuff that can compare.

Thanks to my wife and baking soda!!

After a round of golf!

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Yesterday I went a full nine holes of golf. All on foot. In the midst of gale force winds.

The score was not my best. The first time on my new knees. Best excuse I can think of!

When I arrived home I evaluated whether I should head out for more golf today. My mind said, “Maybe”. My body said “Give your head a shake!”

So I did. Phoned the golf enthusiasts. Said I would have to be a wimp. Backed out.

But today, my body is feeling healing power! Or is that just rest I needed?

Whichever, I feel refreshed. I’m listening to acappella music and kicking back! Good night all!!

Gas Prices on the way up, . . . again

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

So, we are in to Saskatoon today — a two hour drive.  As we enter Saskatoon we notice gas prices are at $1.299 per litre.  As we leave, they are now at $1.359 per litre.

The joy of electronics let’s a flip of the switch change prices on pumps and signs.  Unfortunately, for us travelers there is no flip of a switch on our gas tanks.  The car doesn’t automatically get better mileage as the prices go higher.

I can see a number of people looking for cars with better mileage.  And the prices on “gas savers” going up, while “gas guzzlers” go down in price.  Maybe I can finally get that 1/2 ton truck I’ve been waiting for!!

Priming for lawns

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Lsat night we visited a friend to mow her lawn. Her lawn mower was not working well. In fact, it would sputter to life and then die.

Down the street another friend had a lawn mower. We asked to borrow it. He came with his truck and the mower. As I began to mow, my friend asked if this neighbour knew anything about motors. He wasn’t sure he wanted to get into completely stripping a motor down and rebuilding it. But, he would look and see what could be done. We heard the motor cough and go, cough and go, cough and go! The possible problem was found, probably some air in the gas line.

All that needed to be done was to keep priming the motor until things kept running. I had tried priming the motor just once or twice and things just quit. But sometimes we need to constantly keep priming a situation until things get back to normal.

The lawn is done, a certain equilibrium has returned and the next time the lawn needs mowed I expect the mower will work.