Why bother?

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

I read a weekly email posting called “The Galli Report”. Mark Galli works with a publication called Christianity Today – begun by Billy Graham.

This past week, I have been considering things such as pluralism, apologetics, identity politics, inclusivism, rural church, and much more.

Then, as I was reading, here is this short paragraph from the most recent Galli Report email (February 22, 2019).

I’ve been involved in many interfaith dialogues over the years. And when I’m with Muslims, for example, who begin the conversation by saying that all religions are different paths to the same end, I lose interest immediately. On the other hand, the most meaningful and energetic conversations I’ve had are with Muslims who think I’m going to Jahannam, that is, hell. I mean, why bother to be a Muslim, or Christian for that matter, if it doesn’t really make any difference in the end?