Monthly Archives: March 2008

Diversity and Kindersley.

The latest story. 

We have a native lady who has moved to Kindersley.  Supposedly a government office was involved in finding a place for her.  The idea was to provide a new start — away from other relatives and natives.  Where do you find a place in Saskatchewan where there are no natives?  Let’s try Kindersley.

Or so the story goes!!

A clean bill of health

Saw the surgeon today.  Looked over the xrays of my knees.  Things are in good shape.

A few more months and the swelling should all be down and things going smoothly.  Right now I can walk well with a bit of pain. 

Overall, the appointment was positive.  I’ll get back to driving, work back into work and generally head on down the road!!

Thanks again to all of you who continue to pray and care for us during this time.

Grand Prix Speedsters

After watching I didn’t overdo myself, I bounded out for an hour to watch our children’s group (AWANA) race small wooden cars down a track.  The top four winners (Dagen, Joshua, John and Brett) are all friends or brothers.  Great time . . . with the winners being all of the kids who attended, along with parents and friends.

A musical thought

As healing takes place, an uplift of spirit and voice happens.

Some of the notes still carry the pain of recovery.  I still do painful exercises everyday.  I don’t want the trophy of walking to turn into atrophy.  So you hear some discord.

Although the resolution of a minor chord to a major chord of rejoicing may take time, it’s worth it. 

Someone asked me if I would go through this same surgery, knowing what I had experienced.  I laughed and said, "NO."  But on reflection I had to say that I would. 

When we first start the song of healing some notes seem out of place, loud, and grating.  But the harmony comes, slowly at first, and then cascading in full chorus.

I’m in the middle of the song.  I’m looking for the day when I walk with no pain.  So some days the song needs a few more rests than usual.  But, somehow my sight slips down to the next measure and the next page and finally to the end stave.  And hope breeds excitement as the music builds.

Now, what should I title this piece?  "Life"??

Sitting in the office

First time back in the office.  Eight weeks have passed.

One hour.  Enough for the moment.  Annual general meeting tonight.

At physio today, I’m where I should be.  Now I’m on my own.  I’ll continue exercising and hope to build myself up.  They say it takes a year.

Meanwhile, Jill is on the mend as well.  We should be able to survive by ourselves in a few weeks time!

Thanks again for your prayers, concern, foodstuff, walkers, etc.!!

Around the block

Small steps lead to bigger ones.  Short walks to longer ones.

Today, I headed around the block.  I’ve tried the venture a few times before, but always turned back.

After and evening’s sleep, I ventured out with my grandson and my daugther.  A cell was placed in my daughter’s pocket just in case.  My walker had a seat in case I tired. 

The walk was healthy and done without a pause. 

Where to next?  Maybe I’ll join some of the astronauts and go for a space walk!

P.S.:  Jill is recuperating well.  She is up, sitting for rest, eating the regular meals.  Things are a little slower, but she is encouraged!

Back Home

After all our previous surgeries (where Jill has never been the "expected time"), I phoned this morning at 10:30 to Edmonton.  Jill and her sister were just about to leave their overnight stay. 

Now, at 5:15 a white car appeared in the driveway.  Out came two travellers.  Both in good shape. 

We’re still talking at 6:00.  Things are good.  Thank God, and thank you for your prayers.

Surgery goes well

Jill was in for surgery at 7:20.  The surgery seems not to have been too long – a small incision, replacement of the battery and into the recovery area.  By 4:00 she was discharged (an unusual thing for her many surgeries over the years).  She will stay overnight in Edmonton and plans to be back in Kindersley tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for prayers along the way!!