Well, one more of our helpers has returned home. Brenda, my wife’s sister, returned to Ontario.  She came for 20 days.  A sacrifice which we have greatly appreciated.  From cleaning house to making meals to being a comfort and strength.  Family can truly be a strong branch that keeps one going. My son, Tim, is […]

The Mundane

I awoke to snow on the ground.  A little exercise to clean this, then off to work.  Back home for a rest, then some hospital and manor visitation.  Supper and a prayer meeting. These are occurences that could happen on any day.  So what makes each day sacred? Simple things – like being sure our […]


Working back to full strength does take time. I’ve been warned by grandparents, peers and the younger generation to take my time.  But I’m finding patience is not always my long suit.  I preached on Sunday and 3/4 of the way through ran out of steam.  Today I ventured to the office and did some […]