What, just playing around?

For the last few days I’ve spent time learning a WordPress. Not only for this blog, but also for a church website that I’ve been working on. So, today, I invite you to visit the Kindersley Alliance church website found at www.kindersleyalliance.com. This is just a skeleton (a start). Be sure to give comments so […]

A sad day!

Today, I turned down eating two full meals.  Both were great food, well presented, and paid for by someone else. But as the meals progressed, I couldn’t eat full helpings.  And that’s not a bad thing.  My weight could be slightly less (although I have settled on an acceptable weight — less weight means less stress […]

Why I’m not a computer techie!

Because 5 minutes equals an hour! Tonight an easy computer task took over an hour.  Should have been five minutes.  Merely hooking up another computer to our wireless network.  But, of course, the security code is complicated and was probably typed wrong the first time around.  Then the system wouldn’t recognize the wireless network automatically.  […]